Hosted by Winston-Salem Ambassadors

Our Goal

To bring great music and free family-friendly fun to downtown Winston-Salem, and in the process support local businesses and nonprofits that make Winston-Salem a happier, more prosperous and vibrant community.


Winston-Salem is an arts hub for the Southeast: home of the UNC School of the Arts and the first Arts Council in America, we have a rich tradition of live music, and we honor this tradition on our stage.


The Winston-Salem Ambassadors is a nonprofit group whose mission is to create awareness of and increase awareness of the city of Winston-Salem. We have been entrusted to assist in organizing and running two SSO4 events for 2017.

We want to thank the visionary, passionate creators of SSO4, the 4CM Group. They are a merry band of business owners on the 300 block of 4th Street who are true believers in a vision of a happily thriving downtown.